ThreadReview: Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realm

ThreadReview: Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realm

Note: At time of review this game is still in early access, so some of the criticisms and features may not be reflective of the final product.

I currently live in rural England. Rural England, for those who do not know, is deprived of some of the now basics of modern life; such as a solid internet connection, cash machines and public transport that arrives more than once a month. Among many things it means the ability for me engaging in online games is utterly limited. I saw a few developers playing through Idle Champions and thought it might be a good game to download and play on my own.

The premise of the game is simple: It’s an idle clicker game set in the Forgotten Realms setting of Dungeons and Dragons. You recruit champions such as Bruenor Battlehammer, Minsc and Nayeli Goldflower to go through side-scrolling adventures in the Forgotten Realms. Defeated foes yield gold that is used to recruit new champions and level up the existing parties’ abilities. Like in adventure parties around the world, your champion’s abilities can impact the damage of fellow champions. That, however, is dependent on where they are positioned in the battlefield in a system called “Formation Strategy”.

Despite the game being in early access there are frequent events and content updated weekly: from damage bonus weekends to special events to earn new champions. In particular, there have been a few events based around recruiting members of Force Grey, with only at the time of writing there being hints that you’ll be able to recruit Strix from “Dice, Camera, Action” in the near future. There is also some DLC already available on the Steam Store for more champions, equipment and chests (This games version of loot crates).

Yes…there are loot crates. These chests can be purchased for gems, which can be found in game as rewards for defeating bosses (every 5 levels) and from completing quests. There are two levels of chests, silver and gold, which drop gold, consumable items and equipment for your champions. 
While I do have issues around the use of loot crates in games, the way they are implemented in this game if fairly balanced and doesn’t enter into any kind of pay to win formula.

Since starting this review there has been a major update of sorts to the game. Familiars are basically auto-clickers that can be assigned to fulfil three different tasks: Clicking Monsters, Levelling up Champions and Click damage and finally using Ultimates. There are six different familiars currently available to buy and use; three of which are only available to be purchased with actual money.

I’ve logged over 224 hours into this game already and loved every second of it. The only issues I’ve encountered have been down to connecting to the server for online save. That is something I hope 
may change down the line as this game develops. Bottom line: If you love Dungeons and Dragons, free games and new content uploaded weekly then this is a game you must play!