Dungeons and Dragons and Magic The Gathering Have Finally Crossed Over

After so many years of both Magic and Dungeons and Dragons being around, these two worlds are finally coming together in the form of a new book, entitled Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica.

In this book, D&D players will have access to everything they need to know in order to play in the world of Ravncia.  This setting has been deemed a "fan-favorite" Magic setting.

"Fans of Dungeons & Dragons and Magic The Gathering have been asking for years when these two amazing brands would play together," said the director of D&D, Nathan Stewart, "With the huge surge in popularity of D&D and Magic's commitment to bring the lore and storytelling to life, the timing seemed perfect.  Ravnica is full of adventure possibilities and I can't wait for fans to jump in to embody a member of one of the iconic guilds.  I will personally be making a new character for Rakdos."

Aaron Forsythe, Senior Design Director for Magic The Gathering said this:

"We're excited for fans to dive deeper into the robust world of Ravnica as they adventure as a member of their favorite guild.  Picking up Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica is a great way for D&D and Magic fans alike to tell a part of Ravnica's story with their friends around the table."

The release date for Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica is November 20.  Keep a look out for it!

Demystifying the Clunky Episode 1 Shadowrun The world

Thread Raiders has a new video out for you all today!  Hot off the presses is the first of a three part series from Thread Raider, TK (@Kanthos88 on Twitter), where he takes a look at the tabletop RPG, Shadowrun.

We've all heard that Shadowrun is a clunky system to play, but here, TK demystifies the system, and shows us how the game is supposed to be - fun.

Fallout 76 Is Coming!

Ever since its reveal at the Bethesda presentation this year at E3, Fallout 76 has been getting a lot of buzz around the title.  For those who don't know, Fallout is a series that centers around what would happen if America went through nuclear war, and the residual fallout taking place afterwards.

Fallout 76 is the first game in the series since its inception that is going to be an online MMO.  Now, you can survive the wasteland together with friends.  And I have been able to get the game pre-ordered, and now I'm waiting to get into the beta of the game.

As you can see, after completing my order, I received an email from Amazon, where I ordered the game from, and I followed the instructions.  Now, I'm simply waiting for the time in which I can finally get further instructions on how to get my hands on the juicy little beta of Fallout 76.

For a while after the presentation, there had been rumors and speculations on the game, such as the spamming of the new nuke option, which allowed other players to destroy other player's hard made settlements.  Bethesda came out and said that that shouldn't be an issue, as it would take those players a while to find the code necessary to detonate the nuke anywhere on the map.  On top of that, if by chance a player or a group of players discovers that their settlement was destroyed while they were away, rebuilding will be easy.  The settlement will be blueprinted, and the cost to replace your settlement will be cheap.

The map of Fallout 76 is, according to Bethesda, four times larger than that of Fallout 4.

UPDATE: As of July 3, I got an email with the following message: