Bill And Ted Fans Rejoice! The Most Excellent Duo WIll Face The Music

According to an announcement today, Keanu Revves and Alex Winter will finally reunite on the same screen after 27 years after they last appeared as Bill and Ted in a third installment of the Bill & Ted series entitle, Bill & Ted Face the Music!  There's even the possibility that William Sadler could reprise his role as Death.

Here's the official synopsis:

"When we last met Bill and Ted they were time-traveling teenagers trying to pass history class and win the battle of the bands.  Once prophesized to save the universe with their rock and roll, middle age and the responsibilities of family have caught up with these two best friends who have not yet fulfilled their destiny.  They've written thousands of tunes, but they have yet have to write a good one, much less the greatest song ever written. With the fabric of time and space tearing around them, a visitor from the future warns our heroes that only their song can save life as we know it.  Out of luck and fresh out of inspiration, Bill and Ted set out on a time travel adventure to seek the song that will set their world right and bring harmony in the universe as we know it.  Together with the aid of their daughters, a new crop of historical figures, and some sympathetic music legends, Bill and Ted find much, much more than just a song.  The film is currently in pre-production."

Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, the original creators of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, have returned to pen the script, while Dean Parisot was confirmed to direct the film.


Micrsoft, Nintendo and Sony Get A Warning From FTC Regarding Warranty-Voiding Restrictions

You know those little stickers that you see on the back of your consoles that warn you that sending it in for third party repair voids the warranty of the system?

Well, it turns out that, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has warned companies, some that include the likes of Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony that this policy is actually illegal.

According to a Freedom of Information Act request from Motherboard found that six different companies were given letters on April 9.  Other than the three companies mentioned above, the three other companies sent these letters were Asus, HTC and Hyundai.

The letter stated that the companies have 30 days to change the warranty policies on their websites, or else legal action will be taken by the FTC.

Reportedly, the letter said,

"Warranty language that implies to a consumer acting reasonably under the circumstances that warranty coverage requires the consumer to purchase an article or service identified by brand, trade or corporate name is similarly deceptive and prohibited."

In the letters, it was cited that specific language that violates the law warns against using a sticker as a "seal" to prevent users from opening up the console.  This method, according to the FTC, is particularly concerned" about it.

The FTC is specifically citing the 1975 Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, which doesn't all repair restrictions n warranty for any manufacturer that charges over $5 for a product.


Retroverse Released And In The Wild!

Last week, we interviewed Chris Lock, of Lasers and Liches, who bought the Tales of the Retroverse to us, a retro 80's style twist to the D&D universe.  The details of Kickstarter campaign setting can be found by going here.

Following the initial interview, which took place on Twitch on April 7th, and can be watched in the video below, the Kickstarter was then launched on April 10th, and within just a few days, got over 60% funded!
Stop on by the Kickstarter and join the world of Retroverse!

34 Things I Learned From Video Games

  1. There is no problem that cannot be overcome with violence.
  2. You can overcome most adversaries simply by having enough quarters.
  3. If it moves, KILL IT!
  4. Piloting an vehicle is simple and requires no training.
  5. One lone “good guy” can defeat an indeterminate number of “bad guys.”
  6. “Bad guys” move in predictable patterns.
  7. Except for “Bosses,” most “bad guys” can be dispatched with one hit.
  8. You often fair better against a large mob of “bad guys” then against a “boss” in one on one combat.
  9. “Bosses” always hire henchmen weaker then they are to do their ‘muscle work’.
  10. If you see food lying on the ground, eat it.
  11. You can smash things and get away with it.
  12. Smashing things doesn’t hurt.
  13. Many nice things are hidden inside other things.
  14. Cybernetics are our friends.
  15. When driving, you can knock other vehicles off the road and get away with it.
  16. If someone dies, they disappear.
  17. Money is frequently found lying on the streets.
  18. All shopkeepers carry high-tech weaponry.
  19. If you get mad enough, you can fight even better than normal.
  20. If it’s on the ground, you should get it.
  21. Repulsive ugly, cannibalistic, evil beings have just as much right to be loved as heroic fighters.
  22. The operation of a weapon is a simple and obvious procedure.
  23. You never run out of ammunition, just grenades.
  24. No matter how long you fight, you can always fight again.
  25. Death is reversible (but only for you).
  26. Ninjas are common, and fight in public frequently.
  27. Whenever huge fat evil men are about to die, they begin flashing red or yellow.
  28. When you are born, you drop out of the sky (a stork?) and are completely invincible for a short time.
  29. Although the enemy always have more aircraft than you, they fly in elaborate patterns which make it easier for you to shoot them all down.
  30. All martial arts women wear revealing clothes and have great bodies.
  31. All martial arts men have rippling muscles and angry expressions.
  32. The enemy always leaves weapons or power ups lying around for no reason other than so their bitter enemy can pick them up and defeat them with it.
  33. Shoot everything.  If it blows up or dies, it was evil.  If it doesn’t, try and pick it up…it was probably a power up or bonus.
  34. Carpe diem!  You only live three times!
  35. The most powerful fighters always wait until you have achieved a near impossible, flawless win record and/or killed a certain number of opponents before they appear in your presence and beat the crap out of you.
  36. You sustain injury if you shoot the innocents.
  37. 200-1 odds against you is NOT a problem.
  38. Gang members frequently all look the same, and often have the same names.
  39. When racing vehicles, do not worry if your vehicle crashes and explodes.  A new vehicle will appear in its place.

ThreadReview: Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realm

ThreadReview: Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realm

Note: At time of review this game is still in early access, so some of the criticisms and features may not be reflective of the final product.

I currently live in rural England. Rural England, for those who do not know, is deprived of some of the now basics of modern life; such as a solid internet connection, cash machines and public transport that arrives more than once a month. Among many things it means the ability for me engaging in online games is utterly limited. I saw a few developers playing through Idle Champions and thought it might be a good game to download and play on my own.

The premise of the game is simple: It’s an idle clicker game set in the Forgotten Realms setting of Dungeons and Dragons. You recruit champions such as Bruenor Battlehammer, Minsc and Nayeli Goldflower to go through side-scrolling adventures in the Forgotten Realms. Defeated foes yield gold that is used to recruit new champions and level up the existing parties’ abilities. Like in adventure parties around the world, your champion’s abilities can impact the damage of fellow champions. That, however, is dependent on where they are positioned in the battlefield in a system called “Formation Strategy”.

Despite the game being in early access there are frequent events and content updated weekly: from damage bonus weekends to special events to earn new champions. In particular, there have been a few events based around recruiting members of Force Grey, with only at the time of writing there being hints that you’ll be able to recruit Strix from “Dice, Camera, Action” in the near future. There is also some DLC already available on the Steam Store for more champions, equipment and chests (This games version of loot crates).

Yes…there are loot crates. These chests can be purchased for gems, which can be found in game as rewards for defeating bosses (every 5 levels) and from completing quests. There are two levels of chests, silver and gold, which drop gold, consumable items and equipment for your champions. 
While I do have issues around the use of loot crates in games, the way they are implemented in this game if fairly balanced and doesn’t enter into any kind of pay to win formula.

Since starting this review there has been a major update of sorts to the game. Familiars are basically auto-clickers that can be assigned to fulfil three different tasks: Clicking Monsters, Levelling up Champions and Click damage and finally using Ultimates. There are six different familiars currently available to buy and use; three of which are only available to be purchased with actual money.

I’ve logged over 224 hours into this game already and loved every second of it. The only issues I’ve encountered have been down to connecting to the server for online save. That is something I hope 
may change down the line as this game develops. Bottom line: If you love Dungeons and Dragons, free games and new content uploaded weekly then this is a game you must play!


#Retroverse! The 80's Is Invading Dungeons and Dragons On April 10th!

Have you ever played Dungeons and Dragons and thought, "Man, this normal fantasy stuff is getting old.  I need something new, something fresh!  I need something radical!"

Well, you're in luck!  Introducing Retroverse, a D&D 5e universe from Lasers & Liches, that "resides in a place of half faded memories, barely remembered songs, lost childhood friends, outdated styles, abandoned dreams, lost playthings, vapor ware, and time corroded nostalgia," and is "a place both strange and familiar. A place for adventure, friendship, chaos, and the magic of yesteryear."

For those of us who lived though the 80's, this is a great idea for those who love playing D&D, and want to relive their childhoods through their imaginations.

Check out the trailer for it here:

This setting includes brand new monsters, races and classes!  The classes are:

1. Synthweaver
2. De-Fragger
3. Code Warlock
4. Goreangyr
5. Holo Knight
6. Glitch Hunter

The new races include:

1. Ceran
2. Wo-nari
3. Raich
4. Trog
5. New dragonborn variants (Neon, Laser, Tesla and Xenon)

On April 7th at 8:30 EST, myself Daquine, and two other fellow Thread Raiders, Thymbraeus, and Kanthos88 will interview Chris Lock, who is the lead designer of the Retroverse and Lasers and Liches on the Thread Raiders Twitch channel!  He can be found as Snickelsox on Twitter, so go visit him and give him a follow!  We'll also be playing a game of Retroverse the following Tuesday, April 10th, at 8pm EST on the same channel! 

Also, go check out the Lasers and Liches website!

Get ready to mingle with the past in a brand new setting!

Paizo Announces Pathfinder Second Edition For Summer 2018

As many of us tabletop gamers know, Pathfinder began as a refinement of Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition.  Somehow, it grew to rival that of the original fantasy tabletop game it sought to both replicate and divide from.  After 10 years of Pathfinder goodness, Paizo announce that they were going to release a second, updated version of their popular system.

In the first part of August of this  year, a free PDF version of the documents will be released to all the players around the world so that they can test the next version of Pathfinder.  The Pathfinder Playtest Rulebook will contain 400 pages of brand new rules to check out and play.  there will even be an accompanying adventure called Doomsday Dawn.

There are some bits and that can be previewed while the August 2 (the launch day of the playtest rules) looms closer and closer.

The basics are the same, but there will be plenty of cool changes.  Ancestry is an example of one of the new things found within the second edition of Second Edition  There will still be a plethora of choices that you can make when leveling up.

Rules have been streamlined for GMs, making monster designing on the fly easier than before.

If you want physical copies of the playtest material, it's possible to purchase them.  Paizo will offer the Pathfinder Playtest Rulebook, Doomsday Dawn, as well as a two-pack of Paizo's Flip-Mats from game stores or from the Paizo website on May 1.  During Gen Con, there will be limited quantities of them for sale, which takes place on August 2 to August 5 in Indianapolis this year.

Fun Things To Say in a Public Restroom

By “Richard”, Posted 21 November, 2003 on
1. Stick your palm open under the stall wall and ask your neighbour, “May I borrow a highlighter?”
2. Say “Uh oh, I knew I shouldn’t put my lips on that.”
3. Cheer and clap loudly every time somebody breaks the silence with a bodily function noise
4. Say, “Hmmm, I’ve never seen that color before.”
5. Drop a marble and say, “Oh shoot! My glass eye!”
6. Say “Darn, this water is cold.”
7. Grunt and strain real loud for 30 seconds and then drop a cantaloupe into the toilet bowl from a high place and sigh relaxingly.
8. Say, “Now how did that get there?”
9. Say, “Humus. Reminds me of humus.”
10. Fill up a large flask with apple juice. Squirt it erratically under the stall walls of your neighbours while yelling, “Whoa! Easy boy!!”
11. Say, “Interesting….more sinkers than floaters”
12. Using a small squeeze tube, spread peanut butter on a wad of toilet paper and drop under the stall wall of your neighbor.  Then say, “Whoops, could you kick that back over here, please?
13. Say, “C’mon Mr. Happy! Don’t fall asleep on me!
14. Say, “Boy, that sure looks like a maggot”
15. Say, “Darn, I knew that drain hole was a little too small.  Now what am I gonna do?”
16. Play a well known drum cadence over and oven again on your butt cheeks
17. Before you unroll toilet paper, conspicuously lay down your “Cross-Dressers Anonymous” newsletter on the floor visible to the adjacent stall.
18. Lower a small mirror underneath the stall wall and adjust it
so you can see your neighbor and say, “Oooh, you might want to get a doctor to check that out”
19. Drop a D-cup bra on the floor under the stall wall and sing “Born Free.”

When Game Franchises Should Pull The Trigger

The following blog post was another old post of mine that, despite its age (first posted on August 27, 2009), holds true for the most part.  Some of the games I mention, such as Tomb Raider, have been able to come back from the edge of redundancy with the two newest entries in the series.  But ultimately, the idea behind this article that I wrote almost ten years ago can still hold true, regardless of the time since original publication.
Crash Bandicoot.  Sonic the Hedgehog.  TombRaider.  Tony Hawk.
What are the simple chain that connects each one of these games?  The Chain of Redundant Gameplay and Rehashed Play Mechanics.  Yes, games like the ones mentioned above have all been guilty of the very same thing over the course of the last several years.  These games have begun to wear out the fun, gameplay, and originality that, back in the day, made them fun, exciting, and yes, even great.
I guess we could start with the most simple of questions.  Where did these games go wrong?  It all depends on what game you are looking at.  Take the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series.  When the original Tony Hawk debuted to gamers in 1999 on the Playstation, it brought about, not just a new series, but made a new genre popular to video games – extreme sports.  In the beginning, the game was great, it was fun, it had fresh ideas and at it’s base, it was very entertaining.  Once the second and third iterations of the game came about, the same basic elements of the game stayed close to the series, despite some of the game’s newer mechanics, levels, and options.  Like football games nowadays, Tony Hawk seemed to release a new version of the Tony Hawk titles once every year.  After Tony Hawk 4 was released, the series began to stale as a series.  Any originality that the game once held, had dropped out of the sky like a rock.  Soon, the series was, bland, boring, and anything but good.
After so many sequels, the game developers of  Tony Hawk never thought outside the box.  They only came up with half-assed games in the series.  By the time the eighth game came out, the skating genre, along with the Tony Hawk series, seemed dead.  At least until another game was released.  Simply called Skate.  This game totally resurrected the skating game.  What is sad though, is the game wasn’t even created by Neversoft.  Shame on you Neversoft, shame on you.  Outdone by a company in the same genre that you brought about.  And on their first time out.  Tsk tsk.
Looking at games like Tony Hawk, where there’s nothing really new, and the same could be said about others, like Crash Bandicoot, where there’s really nothing new about it except for a few additions here and there, you would think people would stop buying these games.  Sonic the Hedgehog is a primo example of this paradox.  On one hand, ever since Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast, the first 3D iteration of the series came out, the series has gone down hill.  Really down hill.
I can remember going to my friends house back when I was in high school and it was the golden age of the Super NES and Sega Genesis, one of the games we’d play were his collection of Sonc games.  The side scrolling speed and fast paced action of the games were great fun.  It was actually FUN to play.  I’d ask to play it just because of the simple speed of the whole game.
But then, doomsday hit.  Sonic Adventure was born.  The world went to hell.  Gone were the elements that made Sonic fun.  This was the day the Adventure Field was born.  This was the day other retarded and unnecessary Sonic mascots entered a game that didn’t need them.  Amy?  Let’s smash things with a hammer.  That sound fun.  Big the Cat?  Really?  REALLY?
Ever since Sonic Adventure, every game since then has totally lost what it means to be a Sonic game.  Sonic Adventure 2 tried to fix it, but added more garbage then what it took out.  Sonic the Hedgehog for the Xbox 360 and PS3?  Oye.  Sonic Unleashed?  Oh come on!  Sega, you were so damned CLOSE to actually making a GOOD Sonic game in how many years?  Why for pity’s sake did you have to include the horrendous werehog element?  I have played this game, and it would have been pretty good if the werehog levels weren’t in the game.  I actually enjoyed the daytime speed levels of the normal Sonic.  It was what I imagined when the Sonic series made it’s move to 3D.
It seems like everytime Sega tries making a good Sonic game, a game that they say should be great, amazing and actually good, Sega craps up the core formula that they perfected back in the days of the Genesis!  Stop adding stupid things like unnecessary animal characters and werehogs, and get back to the basics.  Get back to the speed.  That’s all Sonic is good for.  Just take Sonic, build a few good levels that are made for speed, and let the blue blur fly.
I believe if you make a game, and then make sequels for them, it is true, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it… a point.  These mentioned games are proof of this.  Granted, some games series continue using the same mechanics, but you know that there those games will eventually, and hopefully, come to an ultimate conclusion.  Take God of War.  I love those games.  Really, I do.  Granted, having played, and even owned all three of the available titles out there, which includes the first and second games on the Playstation 2, and Chains of Olympus on PSP, I know full well that each of these games, as some would argue, are pretty much the same.  And yes, I would agree up to a certain point.  I know that once God of War 3 comes out, that should be the end of the series.  At least as we know it.  I do hope that the character Kratos can live on in more games afterwards, but I do hope the GoW saga can truely come full circle and just stop.  I don’t want them to just put out shovelware every few years in the attempts to make a few bucks.  It’s like Lord of the Rings.  The story came full circle, and everybody is happy.  Nobody is asking for a sequel to this wonderfully told story.  That’s how it should be.
But some companies just don’t get that philosophy.  The first two or three games are good.  And the fourth, fifth, and sixth game might be, well, enjoyable, but not nearly as good as the first set of games.  I guess what I’m hoping for is that these game companies will take their established franchises and really try something new.  Take the Metroid series.  Now that’s a series that has done something right.  Instead of just taking the same old same old and rehashing it with better graphics and sound,  they went from the side scrolling 2D point of view to full first person 3D.  That really added something new to the table.  Very awesome indeed.
My thought on this whole issue is this.  Don’t just mix a 10% of new material in with 90% of all the old stuff.  I understand that, really, what makes certain games the way they are is how they are played.  That, to an extent, is alright.  God of War wouldn’t be God of War with out the ass kicking, chain blade throwing ass whooping that it’s famous for.  But please, try to take that 90/10 ratio and try evening it out to a little closer to 50/50 please.  It’s great to see a great mix of the new and the old.  If not, just pull the trigger and end it right here and stop making us suffer for your lack of creativity and originality.
Please tell us your thoughts on the matter below in the comments!

Do We Need Another Verson of Pathfinder?

Now that it's been a while since the news was first released that Paizo has been working on a second edition of their popular Pathfinder game system, it's given us a lot to think about and speculate on.  Many people have chimed in on the subject with their own thoughts on, whether or not it's a needed change, or not at all.

Like everything in life, the subject of this topic and debate will always be around, just like it has been with every version of Dungeons and Dragons (the debate on 4e will always be around us, mocking us, showing us the what for).  And just like with life, we know that no matter how hard a person (or in this case, the company Paizo) tries, we know they can't please everybody, no matter how well received the new edition generally is.

Here's an interesting subject for the comments:

What do you think about this change and update to the current Pathfinder system?  Is it something you're looking forward to?  Or do you wish that Paizo hand left things as they were?  Even if they had, we can't deny that the company has had their game system tested, especially with the popularity of D&D 5e.  Despite some people's (not everybody mind you) dislike for 5e, based solely on it's simpler, streamlined game D20 system, you can't deny that it has gotten a lot of positive praise from it's broad consumer base.  5e's simplicity has admittedly brought many new players into the TTRPG fold.  This is probably a huge reason why Paizo had to fight back, after losing some of it's crowd base to 5e.

The following is a video by Dawnforgecast, explaining both the merits and downsides of the direction that Paizo is taking.

The playtest will occur in August of this year.