Do We Need Another Verson of Pathfinder?

Now that it's been a while since the news was first released that Paizo has been working on a second edition of their popular Pathfinder game system, it's given us a lot to think about and speculate on.  Many people have chimed in on the subject with their own thoughts on, whether or not it's a needed change, or not at all.

Like everything in life, the subject of this topic and debate will always be around, just like it has been with every version of Dungeons and Dragons (the debate on 4e will always be around us, mocking us, showing us the what for).  And just like with life, we know that no matter how hard a person (or in this case, the company Paizo) tries, we know they can't please everybody, no matter how well received the new edition generally is.

Here's an interesting subject for the comments:

What do you think about this change and update to the current Pathfinder system?  Is it something you're looking forward to?  Or do you wish that Paizo hand left things as they were?  Even if they had, we can't deny that the company has had their game system tested, especially with the popularity of D&D 5e.  Despite some people's (not everybody mind you) dislike for 5e, based solely on it's simpler, streamlined game D20 system, you can't deny that it has gotten a lot of positive praise from it's broad consumer base.  5e's simplicity has admittedly brought many new players into the TTRPG fold.  This is probably a huge reason why Paizo had to fight back, after losing some of it's crowd base to 5e.

The following is a video by Dawnforgecast, explaining both the merits and downsides of the direction that Paizo is taking.

The playtest will occur in August of this year.